Our Services


We have a well- equipped clinic for the care and treatment of homeless animals. The clinic also serves pets, farm animals and wildlife. Our doctors are on call 24/7.


We try to place all adoptable animals in to loving homes. The dogs, puppies, cats and kittens are de-wormed, vaccinated and tested before being put up for adoption.


PFA provides shelter for sick and abandoned animals.Animals with injury, surgery are allowed to recover in a retaining room where they are housed in isolation.


We also rescue wildlife, such as monkeys, birds , civet cats and if injured, help them to heal at the shelter. The healed animals are released back in a safe habitat.


We provide Ambulance service. Whenever we get a call about an animal injured in an accident or sick, we will pick up the animal and bring it to the shelter and treat them.


Prompt Service all over Sirohi, Jalore, Pali and Udaipur. Trained drivers for immediate medical attention and first aid. 24x7 Telephone support from registered Vet. A 24-hour emergency center, helping the Sick & Abused. Please Note: Please contact the PFA Helpline No. 9414275479.

PFA Sirohi is a fantastic organization with competent leadership and management. They are working to save countless lives and are well worth your support. PFA is doing an excellent service for animals. Doctor deserves special appreciation. It's time we too to contribute for this noble cause.

Camels are the inhabitants of Rajasthan and are not suited to the climate and soil of the other state. The general diet of the camels is shrubs and plants that are found in and around Rajasthan. Several camels are gruesomely slaughtered in contravention of the rules and several sections of the law. Illegal entry and slaughter of camels are a violation of Section 429 of IPC and other laws. It mounts to cruelty towards animals as defined under section 11 of PCA Act. It is a cognizable offence under section 428 and 429 of IPC. Moreover, the camel is the state animal of Rajasthan and smuggling them out without permission for slaughter is also a crime. 
About 544 camels from different areas of Rajasthan, which were being sent to Delhi and Hyderabad, were saved by NGO’s in these areas from being slaughtered. On the directions of Smt. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi these 544 camels were sent to PFA, Sirohi for their proper care and protection. PFA which is the largest camel protection centre in India provides regular vaccination for major diseases in camels with the financial help of local donors and PFA Delhi, PFA Bangalore, Singhvi charitable trust, Chennai, Adresh Charitable Foundation and Shree Vardhman Parivar, Mumbai.

The Camel Welfare Project now has One unit. Based at the PFA hospital the SIROHI Camel Project tends to the welfare and veterinary needs of the working camels across the city. In Camel Rescue Shelter near Vijaypataka Jain temple, National High Road N.H. 14 on the Jaipur road we have the Camel Rescue Centre to treat and admit to hospital camels in the rural areas around Sirohi where there are no veterinary services for them. Occasionally, injured camels requiring daily treatment as admitted to the People for Animal, Sirohi. Nose peg wounds and accidents are amongst the challenges the team faces. The team treats any sick and injured camels educate owners on good husbandry, and fixes reflectors to camel carts to reduce the risk of night-time road accidents. In emergency cases, the Sirohi Camel team attends injured and sick camels across the city whenever necessary. The Project treats over 200 camels during routine visits and may attend 15-20 emergency cases every month. The Camel Rescue Centre treats between 2000-3000 Camels every year.

CAMEL in our emergency rescue home was rescued from terrible conditions. Some were injured and others just abandoned. However, our emergency rescue home presently constitutes of merely 05 Bigha yards of the area, because of which we plan to build an additional shelter in the next few Year to expand our care to lot more animals in need. We are looking for donations of land to an extent of about two or three acres, preferably within a 20-kilometre radius from the city. 

Highlights of the project 
1.    Lots of open space, plenty of greenery and fresh air. 
2.   Enclosures for large animals. 
3.   Separate enclosures for sick, injured, diseased, and distressed animals. 
4.   Enclosures for abandoned pets, with a planned rehoming program. 
5.   Enclosures with trees for recovering birds. 
6.   Round-the-clock animal caretakers, with a dedicated clinic. 
7.   Quarantine, treatment and recovery wards 
8.   Round-the-clock large rescue ambulance. 
9.   A store with all the merchandise, pet supplies and medicines. 
10. Office area for staff including 24-hour caregivers with housing. 

The Camel Rescue shelter is expected to cost about INR 95 lakhs. We appeal to you to help us in this mission.

On last four Years, Team Gau Dhyan foundation and People for Animals. A FIR was lodged against the accused on the same day and the interim custody of the animals was granted to PFA Sirohi.


After the rescue, we found that 90% of the camels were sick. They were dehydrated and starved with their ribs showing, and their hooves were damaged due to the long walk of over 800 miles. They were not given enough food or water during the journey. All the camels were wounded badly due to resting their huge bodies against the tough surfaces as opposed to the soft sand that they’re used to. The unattended wounds during the long travel were now severe with maggots eating away their live tissues from the inside. There were pregnant camels, calves and lactating ones as well.