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    People for Animals, Sirohi has got the distinction of establishing the first and largest camel-rescue centre in India. It’s but natural that the state animal of Rajasthan should have a dedicated space for its health-care in the State. Infected camels rescued from all over the country, especially illegal trafficking (mostly for slaughter) are invariably rehabilitated at PFA Sirohi.

    PFA Sirohi needs your help and support, we urge camel-lovers from India and around the world to support the welfare. 

    We have 1000+  camels which would come to the camp for donations to support the cause. Please find the appended details.We highly request all the good Samaritans to contribute to the cause. A monthly donation ofRs.500 or 1000 would be much appreciated and make a huge difference in the lives of numerous animals. Your support would help us take up more rescues, reduce the cruelty cases and would ease the suffering of animals.

    We request all the good samaritans to contribute whatever you can. A monthly donation of Rs. 500 or 1000 from your end on a regular basis would make a huge difference to the lives of numerous animals, and would help us take up more rescues, more cruelty cases and would ease the suffering of lot more animals.
    Drought looms! All animals need us!

    Compassionate for living beings of all kinds makes the world a better place. No living being should live in fear, hunger or thirst. And, we as humans have the power to help each living being. And, here at PFA Sirohi, the only animal care organization in an isolated region of Rajasthan, we are helping various vital water projects for the safety of wild animals of Aravali hills, including panthers, leopards, nilgais, wild cats, rabbits, peacocks, and more. During summer temperatures, wild animals face dehydration and they are left to die in such terrible conditions and this project has saved many lives. Many of the groups we support have water bowls for community animals (dogs, cows, birds), and now we have the help of wildlife as well! 

    Summer is challenging, all the groups are struggling to keep shelter animals healthy and support in the often extremely oppressive heat for surrounding street animals. Drought looms! All animals need us! During March to June in the forest area, PFA Sirohi identifies few watering points with help of the Forest department. We started watering the facility from 29th March 2018 it will be continuing till the monsoon comes! Daily 6 tanks of water will be supplied. This event has been organized for the last 7 years with the regular schedule. This project is in the isolated area of Rajasthan, but PFA (People for Animals) Sirohi is helping with vital water for wildlife!

    An Odyssey of Courage and Compassion


    Animals can't express their feelings through words. These voiceless suffer in silence, in agonies and pain. We humans being endowed with the power to think and act must come forward as a crusader to help these innocent voiceless. Mr AMIT DEOL is one such, who has been serving these helpless lives for decades. A teacher by profession, Mr Deol, is actively involved with the "Animal Welfare and Rescue Activities" He's been blessed with and awarded by many prestigious organizations ranging from district level to much international Organisation, including the Honourable Prime Minister of India. The organisation is by far Asia's largest Camel Rescue Centred at Sirohi, who also arranges the water tub at drought-affected jungles of Rajasthan along with plantation of trees with the aid of the forest department. He always comes up with compassionate thoughts to serve the innocent animals at times of their need.


    To have a Green party which can unite all like-minded people to convert our vision into reality? This is a call for all people who love animals and believe that it is their world too, to join us in our endeavour to protect our animal friends. If you share our beliefs and our vision, take a stand for animals. Begin to be a participant instead of a silent spectator in this great cause.

    Synonym to Service Animals: PFA SIROHI, RAJASTHAN:                         

    In Sirohi region, south of Rajasthan (tribal belt), we have a lot of camel population. Up to date, PFA has organized 204 camps in 204 villages of Sirohi district. In these camps, we have treated 17602 animals, 898 surgical procedures, 4571 cases of infertility and vaccinations, 95183 deworming of sheep and goat are 266568. The total benefited animals are 3,84,812 and total benefited animal owners are 12,900. PFA works in Sirohi district, its veterinary medical camp activities running in the whole district of around 630 villages. For achieving a small goal, a helping hand is required towards needy or poor, homeless animals. We are organizing a few awareness campaigns, these are small groups of school children, college students and any others who are compassionate towards animals.


    To serve innocent and silent animals and birds, in the year 1998, PFA Sirohi was established to serve its needs. Since then, we have become the premier support system for the animals and birds. We are the first Rescue Animal Welfare Organization that runs free animal check-up camps in the needed villages benefiting animals as well their owner. PFA Sirohi is a registered organization by the State and Central Government and is tax-free under the Income Tax Department. We also run a specialist Camel Rescue Center, in rural Sirohi district, to serve the sick, old and injured camels. Our mobile camel rescue team is well known in the state for their tremendous work and dedication. Having achieved so much and despite having served for 43 decades, we are still constantly working towards improving the facilities that we can't offer. Owing to the substantial cost of medical equipment, we have not  been unable to upgrade our resources. However, over the years, we have grown into a large animal welfare organization with many projects at hand. The organization also takes an active part in other social activities. We organise plantation programs in school with the help of the forest department, health camp with the help of Palanpur Doctors’ Association, by fodder depot and cattle camp to the needy agnostic area in the time of famine, by organizing Karuna Club in Schools. The organization also works in the environmental protection area. Sirohi district in Rajasthan is a backward district, therefore whenever famine conditions hit this area, animals are the most suffered creatures, and we need support during famines. During famine conditions in summers, PFA Sirohi organizes cattle camps for 3-4 months in the most needed areas where we provide temporary shed, feed and provide veterinary care for the cattle because many villagers leave their animals without any care during famine conditions. 

    We are honoured by the district collector 5 times the past few years for this activity. In our region, Aravali hills are on height and so much forest area is there and lots of wild animals are located in this region such as panther, leopard, neelgai, wild cat, rabbit, deer, peacock etc. During summer days when the hot climate is on peak wild animals are facing a lack of water, we provide as much help we can for wild animals in this aspect. During April to June in the forest area, PFA Sirohi identifies few watering points with help of the forest department. Because the Sirohi District region has a lot of forested areas full of wild animals, so many times few wild animals accidentally enter residential areas or highways and get injured. PFA Sirohi is trying to help those wild animals and shift them to shelter with permission of the forest department, give them vet care, feed and water and shelter. To achieve this goal, we are organizing a few awareness programmes with the help of small groups of school children, college students and any other who have a soft heart towards the animal. In every street colony in our city we have a number of these groups and these are members of the karuna club, who call us, or at times, provide first aid to the animal or transport the animal to our shelter. Currently, we have 12 groups of karuna clubs. In schools, they have to organize a few activities for awareness regarding animal welfare among children such as competition of poster making, essay writing, slogan writing, story writing, poetry, songs on animal welfare, and rally for the awareness in the city area. In the training part, they conducted some sessions by bringing some students into our shelter and giving them training of first aid care for the animal, especially for dogs and cows. PFA Sirohi is a fantastic organization with competent leadership and management. We are working to save countless lives and need your support. PFA is doing an excellent service for animals. Doctor deserves special appreciation. It's time we too contribute to this noble cause.


    We take up periodic campaigns for creating awareness regarding animal welfare and animal rights. We also conduct awareness programs at various platforms regularly. We conduct training sessions for various people, including the police, veterinarians and government employees.


    We rescue more than 800-1000 injured, sick and suffering animals, both large and small, every year. One of the major roles of PFA SIROHI is to rescue, treat the sick and injured animals from around Sirohi, Jalore, Pali, Udaipur District. Rescued animals are brought in our ambulances to our hospital where they are given the best treatment possible. Our rescue teams are out for animal rescue from early morning to late night. We have two ambulances for smaller animals and a large animal ambulance with a hydraulic ramp for large animals such as Cows, Dogs, camels, horses, donkeys and cattle. Rescued animals involve cases like dogs hit by cars; sick horses abandoned by their owners; cattle with stomachs full of plastic and rubbish; electrocuted monkeys, birds injured by kite string. Sometimes our teams have to rescue animals from wells, culverts, towers and similar unlikely places. We are very grateful to all the Jain Samaj people who have been helping us throughout to make our missions possible. With their aid, 544 camels were rescued from slaughter. Let's support this and stop the slaughter of camels. To run the camel rescue shelter, we require Rupees 15000/- (Fifteen thousand Rupees) daily and we require your support and help. We need to buy dry fodder immediately. So, we request for a helping hand, please, Sir/Madam for rendering service to injured, ill birds and animals. In recognition of our contribution to Animal Welfare, PFA Sirohi is a fantastic organization with competent leadership and management. We are working to save countless lives and are well worth your support. PFA is doing an excellent service for animals. Doctor deserves special appreciation. It's time we too contribute to this noble cause.



    PFA Animals Rescue Care Shelter & Veterinary Hospital, 

    Near Sri Sarneshwar Mandir, Sirohi– 307001(Rajasthan) India 

    Website- www.pfasirohi.org / Email- [email protected] / Rescue Mobile No. 9414275479


    We require a lot of donations to run the shelter, to take care of animals in the shelter, Helpline, Ambulance Service, food, medicine, salaries & Rescues, treatments etc...

    Interested donors, please come forward and help the animals in need. Please we urgently need your Help!


    People for Animals, Sirohi, Rajasthan

    A/C. NO. 0429000100126535, 

    Pan No. AAATP6348L, 

    IFSC Code. Punb0042900

    Punjab National Bank, Sirohi, Rajasthan, India

    NITI Aayog Unique ID No. RJ/2016/0109483 

    All donations 80 G are tax-deductible.

    Online Donation link: http://www.pfasirohi.org/donate-page

    Until one has loved an animal,
    a part of one's soul remains unawakened.

    "An animal's eyes have the power to speak great language." -Martin Buber

    Respected Dear Animal Activist / Jiva Daya-Premi,

    People for Animals is inspired by the Principles of BHAGWAN MAHAVEER to safeguard homeless birds and animals. People for Animals Institution, Sirohi, was established by its chairperson, Smt. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi in 1998, in order to serve the voiceless, homeless and helpless animals. Since last 22 years, Rescue animals Shelter, on Sarneshwarji Road, near district Headquarter, Sirohi is working towards care of helpless, troubled and accident hit animals. Here the PFA has made fully fledged provisions for fodder, water, medical care along with free of cost Animal Patient Vehicle.

    Aim of People for Animal:

    • Spreading public awareness about kindness to animals and preventing cruelty to them.

    • Providing care and shelter for abandoned or stray animals.

    • Providing and facilitating veterinary facilities for large and small animals.

    • Supporting animal those are suffered from road accidents on highway.

    • Adoption and Re-rehabilitation of the stray cattle.

    Our Respected Trustee along with hard working & Compassionate Team of PFA Sirohi, are dedicated team of people striving to care for injured and sick animals. Our staff consist of veterinary surgeons, compounders (veterinary technicians); office and accounting staff and others all of whom play their important part in caring and treating for the sick and injured animals and ensuring our important work can continue at PFA. 

    PFA Sirohi Animals Welfare Activities:

    • Shelter of Rescued animals (Camels, Wild life, & all other animals)

    • Re homing • Adaptation

    • Veterinary Hospitals

    • Mobile Dispensary

    • Work with Other NGOs

    • Two Ambulance Services

    • Free Veterinary treatment Camp in tribal Area of Sirohi

    • Other activities of animals’ welfare.